Kyla Zalapski , Athlete Engagement

As the sister of a former NHL athlete, I have seen first hand the challenges all athletes face before, during and after their careers. Each player’s journey is different but much of the overall experience is the same. Regardless of the sport, the money or the duration of one’s career, transitioning out of the game comes with many potential barriers and hurdles such as education, experience, and connections.

In addition, physical and psychological injuries or illness that may have resulted from the game itself can make it extremely difficult to adapt to a new environment in a new career. Feelings of isolation, depression, and loss can leave even the most successful athlete in unchartered territory trying to find who they are and what they want to become in the next phase of their life.

My goal is to engage and learn about what makes each individual whole and happy so I can do my part to support and nurture the evolution of their personal growth and development. I have heard many athletes say, “You are only as good as your last play” ….. but life goes far beyond the game and the sport does not define the person. When the game is over, the lights go out and the fans go home, the athlete is left to determine who they are outside of the sport. I endeavor to assist those athletes in bridging that gap with the emotional tools and support they need.