Concussion / CTE

In recent years, awareness of concussion in sport has gained increasing attention. Improving the safety of all contact sports continues to be a significant movement requiring the combined efforts of organizations, coaches, and players. Whether it is minor sport or professional level, the protocols are equally important. Focus on education, prevention, proper care and treatment for all neurotrauma will allow all athletes to continue to participate in the sports they love and making a living playing.
It is important to separate the concept of sports concussion from the theory currently known as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Media narrative has attempted to establish CTE as a disease caused by neurotrauma, unfortunately there is NO CURRENT science to establish causality between the tau pattern of CTE and sport concussion. Further, there is also ZERO science to attribute the tau pattern of CTE to any clinical symptoms such as depression, addiction, suicidality or dementia and Alzheimer’s. The media reporting on this subject does not match the actual science. In order to make the science beyond the headlines more accessible, the following podcast has been created. World renowned researchers discuss in laymen’s terms the reality behind the data in order to educate the general public with information not readily available outside of scientific circles. Follow us while we deep dive into this very important area of research.