Having worked in the corporate world for several years he witnessed first hand how many people today are predominantly sedentary and have poor nutrition habits. This experience puts him in the perfect position to understand his clients and the challenges they face on their road to better health and fitness.

Ray has been greatly influenced and inspired by the likes of Paul Chek and Art De Vany and takes an evolutionary approach to healthy living. He believes in the notion that one must understand how the human body adapted to its environment throughout evolution and how the food supply has been corrupted, to truly comprehend the general lack of health and fitness throughout the population. With this understanding, he helps clients learn to use their bodies in the way that they are perfectly adapted to move.

He believes that as a trainer it is his job to motivate, educate, and support clients in achieving their goals while maintaining a positive, fun environment. When working with clients he draws from 21 years of experience in Martial Arts and 11 years of exercise coaching experience. His programs are specifically tailored to his clients’ goals, ranging from weight loss, improving overall strength and flexibility, to sports conditioning.